Wheel Of Doom

Location: Doom

  • Spin the wheel to earn prizes!


10,000 Gold

You may also receive at random:

  • You must be at least Level 5 8 to spin the wheel.
  • All players get one free spin a month.
  • Legends get one free extra spin a day.
  • One spin can be purchased using a Fortune Ticket.
  • Ten spins can be purchased using a Stack of Fortune Tickets.
  • If you win an item, what you have won will be announced to you only, unless you have won a 1% reward.
  • If a player on your server has won a 1% (or lower) reward, it will be announced to the whole server what they have won.
  • You can only get the same item from the Wheel of Doom once, after selling an item from the Wheel it can only be obtained again by purchasing it from the Destiny or Doom merge shops.
  • If you win a wheel item that you already own from a different source (e.g. Destiny or Doom merge shops), instead of receiving a duplicate copy you will be rewarded 5 extra Treasure Potions.
  • Also see Wheel of Destiny.

Update Wheel Of Doom 2018

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