Dungeon-Level 0 to 65
Dragons. Zombies. Creepy slime creatures. Its easy to fight monsters you can see. The real danger, however, is an invisible sickness spreading through the village of Gisunt Heights. Lim the Scientist has traced the outbreak to its source. Take out Phlegnn, Slime Dragon of Sloth and fine a cure for the plague before it spreads beyond the quarantine zone!


Actual Sloth Dragon x1
Cured Phlegnn x1
Marsh Thing (Level 50) x1
Mutated Plague x1
Phlegnn x1
Plague Zombie x8
Snotgoblin x8
Snotgoblin Prime x1
Wandering Plague x8


Galanoth's Quests
Lim's Quests

Plague Gear
Map Name: sloth
Room Limit: 7
Access Points:

/join sloth
Button in Game Menu
Map of Lore

Actual Sloth Dragon can be fought by clicking on the goo from these screens
SnotGoblin Prime can be fought by clicking the slime on the Castellum or Screen 6.
Mutated Plague can be fought by going directly into the Castellum.

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