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Blade of Awe (Shop) - Museum
Gear of Awe - Museum

  • Merge the following (Blade of Awe (Shop) only):
    • Legendary Stonewrit x1
    • Legendary Handle x1
    • Legendary Hilt x1
    • Legendary Blade x1
    • Legendary Runes x1
  • 0 AC

Sellback: 0 AC
Rarity: Epic Rarity
Base Damage: 22-38
Description: Could this be the real thing? The wielder of this legendary artifact is granted massive power!

  • Requires Rank 6 Blade of Awe.
  • Must have completed the 'Find the Runes!' quest to purchase.
  • Used to merge the Guardian Blade of Awe and Prime Blade of Awe.
  • Used in the 'Build Drakath's Armor' quest.
  • This item is themed from the Blade of Awe from AdventureQuest.
  • Also see List of all Blades of Awe.

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