Amazing Anime Mariner Ac


  • Artist Showcase: Jemini - Artist Alley
  • Artist Showcase: Jemini - BattleCon (Location)
  • Artist Showcase: Jemini - Game Menu
  • Showcase Shop - Game Menu

Price: 600 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 540 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 150 AC

Rarity: Unknown Rarity
Description: Color customed in sunlight,

  • Receiving gold from good knights,
  • Respawning when you lose a fight,

* You're the FUN of Anime!

  • This item is a parody of Sailor Moon.
  • Color Custom to Base, Trim and Accessory Color.

Also see:

  • Amazing Anime Mariner (Legend).
  • Magical Mariner.

Amazing Anime Mariner Ac Male > Download Male here Swf File : MagicalGirlCC.swf
Amazing Anime Mariner Ac Female > Download Female here

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